Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tacky Sweater Fashion Show - Day 3/3

-What was the toughest/easiest part of this project
Toughest part of this project was presenting it. Easiest was making it.

-How does your actual design compare to the template you did on day 1?
Its pretty much the same as the template.

-How do you think this project might compare to the "real" world of fashion?It pretty much does compare to the world of fashion like you design a garment and then you make that garment into life and it pretty much has to resemble the design you made.

-What similarities and differences do you think fashion designers encounter when coming up with this season's latest trends?
Similarities in fashion designers is that they design it an try to recreat it with fabric and materials. Differences are that they dont present them themselfs models do that for them.

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