Monday, September 12, 2011

Everyday Look :)

Hello Beauties!
So I Have This Simple Everyday Look For You Guys :)
Bad Quality :(
Simple Looking Right

Make-Up I Used:
Essence Quattro
02 chic-ify
Homemade Primer
(Litte Bit Of Foundation and A Little Bit Of Body Butter)
Elf Liquid Eyeliner In Ash
Rimmel London Extra Super Lash
Any Brown Eyeliner

Ok Here We Go. . .
-Apply Primer On Lids (apply throughly)

-Apply The Lightest Color Of The Quattro All Over Your Lid

-Apply The Black Eyeshadow On Half Of Your Crease And Making A Side V Like This One > On Your Eye
As You Can See Here

-Now Apply The Ash Liquid Eyeliner On Your Upper Lashline At A Winged Effect If You Want :)

-Once Your Done With That Apply The Brown Eyeliner On the Rim Of Your Waterline Or Bottom Lashline Haha :)

Your Almost Done!

-Apply Your Favorite Mascara And Voila Your Done You Have An Everyday Look :)

Hope You Enjoyed <3

& RememberYour Beautiful :)

**Note**: No Copyright Intended
Most Of Those Pictures Arent Mine

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Family Coming Over Outfit :)

Family Came Over From Dallas Pretty Excited :)
Since I Have A New Niece Yaay!
Well I Just Picked Something Simple Im Just Gonna Be Home Anyway

What Im Wearing:
-A Dress My Mom Gave Me I Can Remember Where I Got It
-Shoes From Marshalls

-Simple Ballerina Bun :)

              -Glamoflauge - Heavy Duty Concealer 
Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Powder Foundation, Nude, Light 4  
      -Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara, Black-Black
-Wet n Wild Silk Finish - Lipstick 528A

Have A Nice Saturday!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Skirt to Shirt DIY!

Cute Mini Skirt
 What You Will Need For My First DIY . . . . .

1. Any Mini Skirt That Doesnt Fit Or Like My Case The Zipper Was Broken -___-
2. Scissors
3.Sewing Machine or You Can Hand Sew

(Whatever Floats Your Flotties :))
4.Matching Thread 

Step Uno:
As You Can Kinda Tell My Zipper Is Broken :(
So What You'll Want To Do Is Completely Remove The Zipper From The Skirt I Used My Bare Hands An The Help Of Some Scissors :)
(remember to only take the metal parts of the zipper NOT the whole zipper)
Step Dos:
It Should Look Something Like This &
Now That You Have Removed The Zipper Gather The Remaining Fabric
& Now You Can Head Over To The Sewing Machine! :)
Step Tres:
Now Gather The Remaining Fabric & Sew Along the The Zipper Fabric Twice Like This
I      I
I      I
I      I
I      I
I      I

(I recommend you do this)
Step Cuatro:
& Now You Cut The Threads That Stick Out!
& Voila! Your Done :)

You Can Wear It Like This

Or Like This <3

Or You Can Wear It Without A Belt And Wear It With A Blazer Or Thick Cardigan :)
 Hope You Enjoyed :)

& Remember Your Beautiful :) <3