Saturday, February 25, 2012

Im Back Beauties :)

Ive been a realy really horrible blogger lately. A lot of things ave happened lately like for example a new job, my computer broke (thanks to my dad), school and work are really the thigs that distract me the most. Well Im happy to say that i finally well my bf bought me my first M.A.C product as a 2 year anniversary present! It was such a surprise and I love it so much of course i dont use it daily because thats too expensive to use daily. My color is NC35 its like a match made in heaven. M.A.C has yellow undertones like my skin unlike other drugstore foundations I've used that leave a pink residue later and that my friends is not cute at all. 
Just yesterday I went to go buy the studio sculpt concealer in NC35 I havent used it yet but its still a match made in heaven. Ill probably only use this when i go out because my face isnt the prettiest. Ive had bad acne in the past and from all the acne I got scars and now im so used to make up because I really dont want to show my hideous face without make up. Anyways, thanks for reading and Im soo sry of my bad blogging skills :(

Have A Nice Day Beauties <3

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