Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not My Day At School :(

(Well I Dont Really Hate School All That Much But Some Teachers Need To Quit Being So F*&^*( Rude & Discriminatory)

So it was a normal morning woke up, got ready for school, boyfriend picked me up to go to school.
I was wearing shorts mid-thigh, black shirt, & a pink vest. As I was going into the cafeteria I heard "Come Here Ma'Am!" & I was like this bitch is not about to give me dress code! She told me those shorts are too short Uggghhh I was like bitch! (Didnt Really Tell her That But You Know!) No teacher had told me anything except for her. I was like you clearly said mid-thigh wasnt dress code! My boyfriend was mad and was like really i bet i can pick out 5 girls that have dress code and you pick her out of all of them! So i was like you know what lets go home so i can change! At that point I was so mad so i didnt go to 1st period & i wouldn't recommend skipping (im such a bad influence!) As I was going to my 2nd period my teacher takes my Mickey D's Drink :( and didnt let me drink it :( & I was soo thirsty :( What A B*&%^! :( I never got that drink back btw! Then 3rd Period came along almost got a ticket (i promise im the sweetest nicest person ever trouble just finds me) for being off school grounds and almost got my phone taken up :( My life would be taken away from me!! But . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Thank God For My Off Period!!
So Yeeah That Was My Awful Day Sry For Boring You Just Had To Get It Out Hehe! <3
Bye Bye!

& Remember Your Beautiful &hearts;


  1. ugh some schools ay? mine isnt that strict at all, teachers really dont give a crap. hope your day gets better, and im gonna follow your blog cos you seem like a nice person..good reasoning yes? i think so too. haha


  2. hey just found your blog this made me laugh not in a bad way but you are funny and ive had many teachers like that thank god i graduated last year. but anyway just wanted to let you know im following you and feel free to check mine out if youd be interested books makeup and weight loss